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Cardinal Lacroix Academy is dedicated to offering the best possible work and learning environment; we value excellence in the pursuit of all aspects of school life and we believe each individual has unique gifts and talents needing to be discovered and developed.

Why Cardinal Lacroix Academy?

We are a Christ-centered school rooted in Catholic faith, tradition, and Gospel values. We are committed to encouraging each person’s relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We are dedicated to educating each child both intellectually and spiritually; challenging all students to develop their God-given gifts. Cardinal Lacroix Academy was established in 2018 through the unification of St. Anthony of Padua and St. Casimir schools. Once serving the French Canadian and Polish immigrant populations of their time, both St. Casimir and St. Anthony schools have enjoyed a richly diverse student body. The school occupies the building that once housed St. Anthony of Padua School. Cardinal Lacroix Academy seeks to educate students of all faiths and backgrounds in an environment that celebrates the diversity of its community. The school is committed to serving the students and families in the heart of Manchester and its surrounding towns.

Our Programs

Promoting Academic Excellence

Pre-K & Kindergarten

The early years of a child’s life are a miraculous and wonder-filled time. The developmentally appropriate and academically based learning curriculum focuses on a joyful educational experience for all students. Click below to learn more about our early education program.

Elementary School

We offer a strong academic program focused on differentiated instruction and presented using research-based teaching methods that actively engage students in the learning process to foster enduring understandings. Click below to learn more about our elementary program.

After Care Program

At Cardinal Lacroix Academy, we believe that learning continues outside of the classroom. Our After Care Program is offered daily from 2:15pm to 5:30pm. Each afternoon is structured with a balance of play and dedicated study time. Click below to learn more about our program.


Honoring our Past, Celebrating our Future

Cardinal Lacroix Academy was established by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Manchester through the unification of parish schools St. Anthony and St. Casimir in 2018. This new parish elementary school, under the auspices of St. Anthony of Padua Parish, is a marriage of two schools, both rich in history and tradition. It marks a commitment to the future of Catholic education in New Hampshire. This new school will provide a caring, safe environment for students to worship, learn and excel.
St. Anthony School
St. Anthony of Padua School, founded in 1904 by the Sisters of Holy Cross, is a parish elementary school located in the southeastern corner of Manchester, NH, and operates under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Manchester. The existence of Saint Anthony of Padua Elementary School is credited to the foresight and dreams of Bishop George Guertin. He first arrived at Saint Anthony Parish on October 2, 1890 and immediately delved into the task of building for the future. His foresight and wisdom were contributing factors in two separate land purchases that insured the further development of parish institutions.
St. Casimir School
Rev. Msgr. John B. Puchala, the first Pastor of St. Hedwig Church, requested the help of the Felician Sisters of Buffalo, New York, to establish a school for Manchester’s growing population and families of Polish heritage. Upon their arrival in September of 1907, the Felician Sisters created the necessary foundation for one of the best grammar school educations in the city. They have continued to provide that quality Catholic education. Their teachings have influenced four generations of students and this influence will continue well into the future.
Establishment of Cardinal Lacroix Academy

In the spring of 2018, Bishop Peter A. Libasci and Superintedent of Schools David A. Thibault, announced that St. Anthony of Padua Parish School and St. Casimir School would unify to become a new parish school, Cardinal Lacroix Academy, beginning in August 2018. This new Pre-k-6 school will be named after Cardinal Gérald Lacroix, I.S.P.X., Archbishop of Québec and Primate of Canada. Cardinal Lacroix grew up in Manchester, NH and is an alumnus of St. Anthony School and Trinity High School. This unification of both schools, strong in their history and tradition, is an exciting move for Catholic education in New Hampshire. For over a century, thousands of students have walked their halls. This unification is the beginning of a new future, to ensure that thousands more students will continue to excel. Cardinal Lacroix Academy will play a key role in reinvigoration of our Catholic schools. Cardinal Lacroix Academy is authentically Catholic, offering a curriculum that meets the needs of a diverse student body, and celebrates a vibrant liturgical life in union with St. Anthony of Padua Parish. Cardinal Lacroix Academy operates as a parish school, connected to St. Anthony of Padua parish, of which Very Rev. Richard Dion is pastor.

Our Parish

Fostering A Relationship with God

Cardinal Lacroix Academy is a St. Anthony of Padua Parish School. As a parish school, the pastor has direct responsibility over its daily operations and finances. The parish life is celebrated in union with the academy, where Masses, adoration, and other liturgical celebrations are honored as a unified presence. The school pastor is the spiritual head of the school, shepherding the community to live out its mission and guiding principles. Please refer to the school handbook for specific information about liturgical celebrations in union with St. Anthony of Padua Parish.

“Cardinal Lacroix Academy is committed to offering the best means to instill an excellent academic challenge with a vibrant liturgical life for the well-being of all students.”

Very Rev. Richard Dion, V.F.

Pastor of St. Anthony of Padua Parish

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