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Available Scholarships

Here at CLA, we pride ourselves on making our quality education accessible and affordable to all families. Although we do provide generous financial aid packages for those who qualify, it is strongly encouraged that families apply for any applicable scholarships beforehand. Please see below for a list of available scholarships that our students are likely to qualify for. 

If you have any questions regarding scholarship applications please reach out to our Admissions Director, Mrs. Kane.

Children's Scholarship Fund - 25%, 50%, or 75% of total tuition

Provides scholarships for New Hampshire students who are struggling in their current public school to allow them to attend a school that is a better fit for them and their learning needs. Scholarships are awarded to students based on the metrics in the Education Tax Credit law, financial need (income and family size), and funds raised for tuition for a private school, an out-of-district public school, online school, or for homeschooling expenses.

St. Joseph Cathedral Scholarship

Must be a parishioner of Saint Joseph's Cathedral, attending Catholic school and in need of financial assistance. Must submit essay with a student statement of "Why catholic education is important to me".

Josephine Macek Scholarship

Specifically for CLA students. Special consideration will be given to members of St Hedwig's & of polish decent, members of St. Pius X or St Peters in Auburn of polish decent,  and members of Saint Hedwig's Attending CLA.

Harry Allen Gregg Foundation

Special grants for New Hampshire
residents with disabilities.

Opportunities for grant support include home modifications, educational services, adaptive equipment, therapeutic recreation, medical bills and technology. The Harry Allen Gregg Foundation strives to help improve a person’s quality of life by providing funds that will enhance their independence.


Application Deadline: March 10, 2022
Decision Meeting: April 12, 2022

Application Deadline: June 9, 2022
Decision Meeting: July 12, 2022

Application Deadline: September 8, 2022
Decision Meeting: October11, 2022

Diocesan Employee - $400

Indicate that you have Diocesan Employee status on your financial aid application and notify Nancy Provemcher at

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