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From setting up your tuition management plan and purchasing uniforms to our signing up for our lunch program and learning about our behavioral standards, this page provides access to all the information you need to prepare your child for an excellent education. Click the buttons below for more information.


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Looking for more information about our tuition and After School Program rates?

FACTS Grant & Aid Application
Applications for 2019-2020 school are now open.
Deadline for all applications: April 30, 2019.


Download Financial Aid Application Process instructions.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing of documentation.

Financial Aid Policy
Please note the following:
  • We believe the family should be the first resource for funding their children’s education. Each family is expected to pay a portion of the cost of their student’s education or find resources apart from financial aid to fulfill their obligation to the school.
  • In order to be considered, all financial obligations must be current and student registration for 2020-21 must be complete (including payment).
  • Due to a limited budget and the growing number of families requesting assistance, all qualified need may not be met.  Money awarded each year is independent of prior awards. Previous receipt of aid does not guarantee equal or continued assistance.
  • In order to assist as many families as possible, we will fund no more than 50% of any one family’s tuition costs (including parish support, family discounts and other rebates).
  • Any family receiving financial aid does not qualify for early payment discounts if choosing Option #1 (full-pay) or Option #2 (semi-annual pay).
  • Financial aid is awarded for tuition only and does not cover student fees, lunches, after school program, or any other incidental expenses.
  • Failure to provide all of the necessary information needed to complete the application process may result in your family not receiving financial aid.
  • In order to be assured of consideration, families must be timely and thorough in completing the application process. An application is considered complete only when FACTS Grant & Aid has received the all supporting documentation.
  • Should any of the information included in the application or any supporting documents be found untrue, the school reserves the right to rescind the full amount of assistance and demand full payment of all tuition and fees.
Enroll & Manage Your Payment Plan
You can enroll and manage your payment plan with FACTS online. Click here to access the site.
FACTS Tuition Payment Plan Account Setup Instructions
Need help setting up your account? Click here to download our PDF guide.
FACTS Customer Support
FACTS Management Company is there to help answer your questions.




Phone: 866-412-4637
Monday – Thursday 7:30 am – 7:00 pm (CST)
Friday 7:30 am – 5:00 pm (CST)

School Supplies 2020-2021

Prepare for an Outstanding Education 

Thank you for keeping our tuition cost affordable by helping with school supplies!

MTA Bus Information

Making Transportation Simple

If you register after June, you will not be eligible for bus service until mid-September.

School Uniform & Dress Code

Dress for Success

At Cardinal Lacroix Academy, we have specific guidelines for our students’ dress code and grooming. Click through the tabs below to learn more.

Lands Ends School Uniform Web Store
Our school uniforms are available for purchase at our Lands End Web Store. Our School ID is #900184995.

Uniform & Dress Code Requirements
While in school, students are expected to be neat, clean and attired in a manner consistent with accepted community standards of good taste, decency and safety. Dress or appearance that is disruptive to the learning process will not be tolerated.
Diocesan Policy Handbook for Catholic Schools (2001)

In accordance with diocesan policy, students are expected to be well groomed and neatly dressed in the school uniform.
All Students (PreK – Grade 6)

OFFICIAL UNIFORM ITEMS (purchased from Lands’ End)
• Khaki dress pants
• Khaki walking shorts (Sept & Oct, May & June only)
• Plaid uniform jumper or skirt (girls all grades)
• Uniform plaid skort (girls)
• Maroon cardigan sweater/vest
• White or Maroon collared polo shirt (short or long sleeve) Girls may wear the white polo for Mass Dress \\
Uniform days in place of blouse.
• Maroon pullover crewneck sweatshirt
• Hooded sweatshirt with logo

Other items (may be purchased anywhere, *required for dress uniform day but can be worn any day as well):
• *Plain short or long sleeve white oxford shirt (boys & girls)*
• *Plain short or long sleeve white peter-pan collared blouse (girls)*
• Laced or buckled shoes – plain black only (sneakers ok)
• Socks/tights (white, maroon, gray, or black solid color)
• *Belt – black or brown*
• *Solid, striped, uniform plaid maroon tie (boys)

GYM UNIFORM (Boys & Girls): (purchased from Educational Outfitters)
• Uniform sweatpants – gray (or navy for remainder of this year)
• Uniform gym shorts – gray (or navy for remainder of this year) Sept & Oct, May & June only
• Uniform T-shirt, maroon w/logo, long or short
• Uniform pullover or hooded sweatshirt
• Sneakers required for gym days

Uniform Specifications
• Uniform Dress pants and walking shorts are zipper front cotton twill with belt loops – no “cargo” type pockets or tight fitting pants allowed
• Walking shorts, jumpers and skirts should be no more than 2 inches above the knee.
• Uniform shorts only allowed September – October & May – June only
• Non-uniform sweaters or sweatshirts, hooded or fleece vests are not allowed for inside wear.
• Polo as well as T-Shirts on gym days, if properly fitted, they may be worn untucked
• Pants and shorts are secured with a belt (grades 2-6) and worn at the waist.
• Socks are mandatory with all shoes. Solid colors ONLY
• Shoes should have non-marking soles.
• All footwear must be black and safe for playground wear and for use on stairs. Shoes must have backs, low heels and laced or buckled securely enough to remain snuggly on feet. Clogs, sandals or boots of any kind are not allowed. Sneakers are fine.

Dress Uniform – Mass Days
Girls should wear the uniform jumper or skirt with white blouse or white polo. If your child does not have a dress or skirt, the uniform pants will be allowed for girls but blouse must be tucked in with a brown or black belt. Boys should wear the uniform pants with a maroon tie, white oxford shirt, tucked in, and a brown or black belt.

Make Up, Perfume and Jewelry
Make up, perfume, and cologne are not allowed. Girls may wear jewelry but it must be conservative in style and size. Expensive jewelry or jewelry with great sentimental value should not be worn to school. Boys may wear a small chain. Jewelry is not to be worn on gym day. St. Anthony School assumes no responsibility for personal items.

Hair Styles
Hair must be kept neat and clean. It must be trimmed above the eyebrows. It may not be bleached or dyed to non-natural colors. Spiked hair, long side-burns, and nonconventional or faddish hairstyles are not permitted. Boys’ hair must be above the shirt collar and not fall below the earlobe or eyebrow. Gym may wear conservative hair ornamentation (bow, barrettes, headbands) in uniform colors only.

Dress Down Days (Non-Uniform Day)
As the name implies, dress down days are designated school days when students are allowed to come to school in non-uniform clothing. On those days, students may choose to dress in a dressier or more casual manner than usual. Guidelines regarding sizing, neatness, appropriateness, modesty, make up, jewelry, perfume, etc. continue to apply on these day. No sleeveless or tank tops permitted. Clothing that is too tight, too baggy, suggestive, revealing, sloppy, torn, or is in any way considered inappropriate for our school setting may not be worn.

More Information
For more information about our Uniform & Dress Code Requirements and for details on how to order online, download our Uniform Guide.

Whats for Lunch?

Balanced & Affordable Nutrition

In order to provide students and parents with the best possible service, clarity, and accountability surrounding the school lunch program, the following procedures regarding lunch account balances is in effect:

1. Lunches are expected to be ordered and paid for in advance.

2. The lunch program works within a strict budget and the number of meals planned and prepared each day is carefully determined. In order to ensure that sufficient food is available to those who have paid, we can no longer provide the full menu to students who have not preordered lunch. If a child does not have a cold lunch from home, an alternative lunch (sandwich or cereal, fruit and milk) will be offered in place of the regular hot lunch. The parent will be notified and charged for the alternate meal.

3. Parents with a balance due of more than $10.00 will be notified in writing. Once the balance notification has been sent out, parents will have five (5) days to pay or make arrangements to pay outstanding balances.

4. If no action is taken, parent will be contacted by phone. Students will be unable to participate in the lunch program (orders will not be processed) until the balance is paid or a payment agreement is made with the principal.

On the Menu

Lunch at Cardinal Lacroix Academy

Circles of Care

Diocese of Manchester Child Safety Curriculum

Our Standards

Get Acquainted with Our Behavioral Policies


Give Back to our Community

Volunteers are an important part of our school community. Volunteering is tangible proof of your commitment to the school, its mission, and the part it plays in your child’s life. It is a way to teach your children to work for what they truly believe in and value. Parent volunteers not only model Christian values and help our school function efficiently, it is also how we build a strong community and maintain the sense of family that has always characterized St. Anthony School. To our returning parents, we thank you for your past support and hope you can continue to give of your time and talents this school year.

For those of you who are new to our school, please do not hesitate to volunteer! Your help is greatly appreciated and it’s a great way of getting involved in your child’s school life. A formidable team is created when school and the home work together for the best interests of the children!

Volunteer Application and Training

Our school is committed to protecting God’s children by providing a safe and secure environment for all minors who participate in school activities. As part of that effort, all adults who work regularly with minors in the Diocese of Manchester must fulfill the following requirements:

Before you can volunteer, you are required to complete the following:

1. Submit a Diocesan Volunteer Application

2. Complete child abuse awareness online training Save Haven as well as read and acknowledge our diocesan Code & Policy.

Go to: Diocese of Manchester Online Child Safety Training Site- SAVE HAVEN

New Users – set up an account.

3. Complete Diocesan Criminal Records background checks for all states in which you have resided during the past 5 years.

Your name will also be checked on the national sex offender website:

This form will be provided to you once steps #1 and #2 above have been completed. Upon receipt of the your application and notification of completed training, the appropriate background check release forms will be issued to you to be completed and notarized.

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