Meet Our Staff!

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Admissions Coordinator

Pre-K Teacher

Grade 1 Teacher

Grade 4 Teacher

Religion Teacher

Enrichment Director

Spiritual Director

Business Administrator

Kindergarten Teacher

Grade 2 Teacher

Grade 5 Teacher


Wayne Cadorette


Very Rev. Father Richard Dion

Pastor of St. Anthony of Padua Parish

Administrative Assistant

Kindergarten Teacher

Grade 3 Teacher

Grade 6 Teacher


What Our Teachers Are Saying...

"There is nothing like teaching in a Catholic school. Where else can you share your faith, pray with your students, and watch them grow both academically and spiritually? Small class sizes allow teachers to get to know each student personally and in turn give students the sense that they are known, valued and loved. Catholic schools are a truly a safe haven for children in a difficult, uncertain world--providing support in this life and hope for the next."

"CLA has a strong Catholic identity. It is the only Catholic elementary school that I am aware of that treats religion class with so much importance, hiring a certified teacher of religion to teach the subject. Many of the other schools, simply have religion as a side subject, taught by the classroom teacher."

"We are unique because we have great leadership and teachers who really care about their students growth and development."