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Faith-Based Education

At Cardinal Lacroix Academy, we believe that a faith-based education is essential to the academic, personal, and spiritual growth of our students. Our school is deeply rooted in the Catholic faith and values of the Gospel, and our faculty members live their faith and serve as exemplary models for our students. We believe that it is crucial to instill in our students the importance of Christian values in their daily lives, community service, and through our weekly Mass, special prayer services, and carefully crafted curriculum.


We take great pride in our authentic approach to living the Catholic faith. We believe that faith is a way of life, and as such, we integrate it into every aspect of our curriculum. We believe that faith should not be relegated to just a few subjects, but rather it should be infused into every aspect of our students' education. We invite you to learn more about our school and experience firsthand how the Catholic faith is brought to life within our community.

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