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Welcome to Cardinal Lacroix Academy 

Welcome to Cardinal Lacroix Academy, a Christ-centered, Preschool through grade 6 Catholic school that is dedicated to providing a faith-based education for all students, regardless of their background or beliefs. Our school was established in 2018 through the unification of St. Anthony of Padua and St. Casimir schools, both of which served the French Canadian and Polish immigrant populations of their time.

At Cardinal Lacroix Academy, we are committed to encouraging each person's relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We strive to instill in our students the values of compassion, forgiveness, and service to others, which are central to the Catholic faith and tradition. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to educating each child both intellectually and spiritually, challenging all students to develop their God-given gifts.

Our curriculum is designed to provide a well-rounded education that prepares our students for success in life, both academically and spiritually. We offer a range of subjects, including language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, music, and art. In addition to our core curriculum, we also offer opportunities for our students to deepen their faith through religious instruction, liturgy, and service projects.

Cardinal Lacroix Academy welcomes students of all faiths and backgrounds. We celebrate the diversity of our community and strive to create an environment that is inclusive and welcoming to all. Our school is committed to serving the students and families in the heart of Manchester and its surrounding towns.

  • 1:12 student-teacher ratio

  • Students attend Mass every week at St. Anthony's Parish and have daily religion class 

  • Rich history dating back to 1904

  • Financial aid and scholarship opportunities available

Message from the Principal


Dear Families,

Welcome to Cardinal Lacroix Academy!

Cardinal Lacroix Academy, located on the east side of Manchester, has proudly served students and families since 1904! As a Saint Anthony of Padua Parish School, we are first and foremost a Catholic school.  Since our Catholic faith and traditions are rooted in the Gospel values, our Mission today remains as it was in 1904!

At CLA, our Mission is to encourage and grow our students’ personal relationships with God. This relationship begins with the parents and continues at school through daily religion class, weekly attendance at Mass, and seasonal Prayer Services. As a school community, we are committed to educating each student intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. We challenge each student to develop their God-given talents and to use these gifts while serving as the hands and feet of Christ on Earth.

Our curriculum is rooted in our Mission Statement. Therefore, all curriculum decisions reflect our Christ-centered approach to education. Our academic-based curriculum fosters individual creativity while understanding that all knowledge reflects God’s Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Knowing that learning and faith formation are interconnected, virtues are modeled, taught, and practiced by all members of the CLA community.

Together with parents, we are committed to faith formation, academic excellence, and preparing students as disciples of Christ in this life and the next!

Please feel free to schedule a tour today to experience the beauty of a Cardinal Lacroix Education for your child!


Bev Broomhall, M.Ed.


Cardinal Lacroix Academy Programs 




The early years of a child’s life are a miraculous and wonder-filled time. Our developmentally appropriate and academically based learning curriculum focuses on a joyful and educational experience for all students.



We offer a robust academic program focused on differentiated instruction and the utilization of research-based teaching methods. Our program actively engages students in their learning process in order to foster enduring understandings for our young scholars. 



At Cardinal Lacroix Academy, we believe that learning extends far beyond the classroom. Our After School Program is offered daily from 2:15 pm to 5:30 pm. Each afternoon is structured with a balance of play and dedicated study time, to cultivate young minds to the fullest extent.

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