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Kindergarten at CLA is a faith-filled learning experience. Students learn about out Catholic faith through daily prayer, Bible stories, and weekly attendance at Mass. The Liturgical Seasons of the year are celebrated. Academic time focuses on literacy, math, science, and social studies. Students also participate in music, art, library, PE, and community service activities. Building empathy, care, and concern for others is a lifelong skill that engages students to think of others besides themselves.


We're proud of our spiritual, academic, and social curriculum! Listed below is a curriculum outline of the skills your child will learn throughout the school year, which follow the national standards for kindergarteners. This prepares them to progress from kindergarten to first grade.


Social-Emotional Skills

  • Showing love, kindness, and empathy to one another

  • Participating cooperatively in group situations

  • Self regulating emotions and behaviors

  • Taking responsibility for their own well-being and the well being of others

  • Following directions

  • Engaging in positive social interactions


Language Skills

  • Describing people, things, feelings

  • Participating in discussions constructively

  • Telling stories in a beginning, middle, and end sequence

  • Asking and answering questions

  • Listening to others speak to take turns in conversations


Writing Skills

  • Writing words using their knowledge of letter sounds, pictures, and word approximations​

  • Writing their opinion and giving a reason

  • Writing to share information

  • Capitalizing words at the beginning to end with punctuation


Reading Skills

  • Reading books with 2-5 lines of text with fluency and expression

  • Using knowledge of letter sounds and sight words to read

  • Using pictures as clues to solve words to gain meaning

  • Making connections, predictions, and inferences when reading and listening to stories 


Math Skills

  • Counting to 100 by ones and tens​

  • Writing and recognizing numbers 1-20 in print and to associate quantity with numbers

  • Adding and subtracting fluently to 5 and with supports to 10 

  • Estimating, classifying, comparing, contrasting, and measuring

  • Understanding patterns

  • Recognizing 2D and 3D shapes, pennies, and dimes

  • Using clocks and calendars to measure time


Spiritual Development

  • Learning to pray with the goal of becoming closer to God through prayer

  • Learning to serve one another within the school 

  • Living out the virtues 

Reasons Parents are Choosing CLA

  • An academic curriculum in Pre-K that lays the foundation for learning

  • ​Title I help available for ages 5 and up

  • In class learning

  • Flexible payment plans and the most affordable tuition in the southern New Hampshire area

  • Structured curriculum and education

  • An after school program is available for parents that require additional care to their children

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