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Volunteering at Cardinal Lacroix Academy

Volunteers are an important part of our school community. Volunteering is tangible proof of your commitment to the school, its mission, and the part it plays in your child’s life. It is a way to teach your children to work for what they truly believe in and value. Parent volunteers not only model Christian values and help our school function efficiently, it is also how we build a strong community and maintain the sense of family that characterizes Cardinal Lacroix Academy. To our returning parents, we thank you for your past support and hope you can continue to give of your time and talents this school year.

For those of you who are new to our school, please do not hesitate to volunteer! Your help is greatly appreciated and it’s a great way of getting involved in your child’s school life. A formidable team is created when school and the home work together for the best interests of the children!

Apply to Volunteer!

Our school is committed to protecting God’s children by providing a safe and secure environment for all minors who participate in school activities. As part of that effort, all adults who work regularly with minors in the Diocese of Manchester must fulfill the following requirements:

Submit a Diocesan Volunteer Application

Apply Online

Application PDF

Complete child abuse awareness online training Save Haven as well as read and acknowledge our Diocesan Code & Policy.
We will be notified when your training is complete.


Online Training

Volunteer Hours Tracking Form

Complete Diocesan Criminal Records background checks for all states in which you have resided during the past 5 years.

Your name will also be checked on the national sex offender website:

This form will be provided to you once steps #1 and #2 above have been completed. Upon receipt of the your application and notification of completed training, the appropriate background check release forms will be issued to you to be completed and notarized.

*You may park in the church parking lot with Father's permission

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