Affordable Education

Cardinal Lacroix Academy offers competitive tuition rates and financial aid because we believe that Catholic education should be available to all students.

A Nurturing Environment

We are committed to working with parents to provide a home-like atmosphere where children feel safe, known, and supported.

Achieving Excellence

Cardinal Lacroix Academy is committed to academic excellence; which we believe is possible through proper instruction, curriculum, individualized attention, and student achievement.

Welcome to Cardinal Lacroix Academy

We are a Christ-centered Pre-K through Grade 6 school rooted in Catholic faith, tradition, and Gospel values. We are committed to encouraging each person’s relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We are dedicated to educating each child both intellectually and spiritually; challenging all students to develop their God-given gifts.

Achieving Academic Excellence

We offer a strong academic program focused on differentiated instruction and presented using research-based teaching methods that actively engage students in the learning process to foster comprehension. We create a joyful educational experience for all students.

Affordable Education

Cardinal Lacroix Academy is committed to the belief that each person is a child of God, deserving of the opportunity to pursue a Catholic Education. Tuition Assistance is available, as we continue to make a Catholic education accessible to any child that desires it.

Celebrating Diversity

We appreciate the diversity of all peoples and promote a commitment to care, service, respect and compassion within our school community and society in general. We encourage full involvement of parents, students, staff, and parish in the life of the school.

Building Our Community

Cardinal Lacroix Academy was established in 2018 through the unification of St. Anthony of Padua and St. Casimir schools. Once serving the French Canadian and Polish immigrant populations of their time, both St. Casimir and St. Anthony schools have enjoyed a richly diverse student body. The school occupies the building that once housed St. Anthony of Padua School. The Name was chosen in honor of Cardinal Gérald Lacroix, a 1970 Graduate from Saint Anthony’s.

Cardinal Lacroix Academy seeks to educate students of all faiths and backgrounds in an environment that celebrates the diversity of its community. The school is committed to serving the students and families in the heart of Manchester and its surrounding towns.

“It is time to renew and reinvigorate these schools, to bring them together, building on their strong past, yet creating something new- a new school that will exemplify the fullness of a Catholic education, always centered on Jesus, for many years to come. This new name gives us a tangible representation of this new hope and new future!” Bishop Peter A. Libasci

On his decision to unify St. Anthony and St. Casimir Schools.

News  & Events

What’s Happening at Cardinal Lacroix Academy?

All Saints Day Celebration

Honoring the Saints and teaching little ones everyday

Winter Concert

The Wizard of Oz

Drama Club Spring Presentation!

Celebrating Catholic Schools Week - Wildlife Encounters Assembly

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